Robert Oster 簽名墨水 - Get set 在澳大利亞的生活 – 賈絲筆咧 Juspirit
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Robert Oster 簽名墨水 - Get set 在澳大利亞的生活

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Robert 介紹原文

The landscape around me.. the colours I see in birds.. flowers, leaves and even the bark of Australian trees.. all composites of the palette for this set of seven.

鱷魚綠 Crocodile Green - seen in the waters of our rugged Northern Territory. Take care up there.

忠誠藍 True Blue™ is Aussie slang for bff, for keeping it real, and for a host of positive emotions.

龍之夜晚 Dragon's night.. something that keeps me awake as I ponder the dark midnight Aussie sky.

大雨後的紫色膠樹皮 Deep purple.. Aussie Gum tree bark after the rain.

熱沙橙 Burned Orange is the South Australian Riverland sand under the bare feet of me at age six.

紅色拐杖糖 Red Candy.. sometimes candy apples at country fairs.. maybe red candy cane twined around white sugar sticks in December.

熱情粉紅 Hot Pink.. seared in my memory.. the colour of my mother's wedding dress in December, 1969.